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The sites listed are not an endorsement of this but rather an array of resources to assist you in the beginning of your search for information regarding ethical dissent and whistleblowing.


United States Legal


International Resources

Support Groups


United States Legal

Human Resources Law Index (REQUIRES A SUBSCRIPTION). The only Website clearinghouse exclusively devoted to HR legal information accessible through the Internet

Professional Ethics & Wrongful Discharge law in USA for learned professionals who are dismissed from employment for obeying professional ethics

The Government Accountability Project's Home Page, an Internet resource for information about whistleblowing, governmental wrongdoing and official misconduct.

All About Qui Tam: An online resource for whistleblowers about qui tam lawsuits and the False Claims Act. This site is presented by a law firm.

Illinois Institute of Technology Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions. Includes international resources as well as various industries.

Markkula Center of Applied Ethics. Santa Clara University

Advice on Whistleblowing - By Franklin Hoke, reprinted with permission from The Scientist May 15, 1995, pp. 1, 15.

Web Clearinghouse for Engineering and Computing Ethics

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International Resources


William De Maria's Whistleblowing Bibliography

A useful paper on Australian whistleblowing by Stuart Dawson

Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics - includes links to associations, news, and other resources pertaining to ethics.

Whistleblowers Australia. Offers support group information as well as other resources.


Center for Applied Ethics - Computer and Information Ethics Resources on the WWW. Links to ethic centers, articles, and various other resources.


People's Solidarity for Participatory Democracy. Welcome pspd review…law, the PSPD Whistleblower Support Group and the Korean Association of ... Action Guidelines (15 March 2002) Whistleblowing is where an insider discloses ...


A short blurb about whistleblowing, primary focus is bullying. This site it supported by the sales of books, which are advertised throughout the site. There are a few resources listed towards the bottom of the page.

Freedom to care was the UK's first whistleblower support group (1991).


IEEE Ethical Dissent Guidelines.

ICIE - International Center for Information Ethics - International Institution links

Institute of Global Ethics - an international research and educational organization. (MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED)


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Support Groups

Freedom to care was the UK's first whistleblower support group (1991).

A father and son, who are both whistleblowers, share their stories, court process and proceedings, and other pieces of information. The interesting feature of this site is their encouragement for visitors to email them with questions pertaining to whistleblowing.

Whistleblowers Australia. Offers support group information as well as other resources.


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