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Introduction to Social Impact Analysis

SIA is a way to involve students directly in investigating the social and ethical issues associated with a real or proposed computing system. This is best done as a term-long project, in a group. But when done well, students get an intimate knowledge of the ways that social and ethical issues can arise in real systems, and some confidence that they have the skills to detect and think about them

What is a Socio-Technical System? This section explains the different components of a socio-technical system (STS) and how these components are effected when change occurs.

A Brief History of Social Impact Analysis not only includes how the model came to be but also includes tools for investigating and a key points to be included in a professional report.

About Social Impact Statement explains the impact an SIS can have in a curriculum and well as the scope and goals of an SIS.

Creating a Social Impact Statement describes three empirical techniques that can be used to identify and analyze the ethical and social issues.

Creating a Social Impact Statement Report identifies and explains the six sections to be included in the report.