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Timeline for the Machado Case


  • Machado sends email threat to New University paper (U of CA,Irvine) via his roommate's computer
  • the email is traced to roommate's computer, roommate later said Machado had access to the computer
  • Machado identified as sender


  • Warrant for arrest is filed against Machado, issued by Irvine Police Department--the warrant is a "no bail felony warrant"
  • Machado consents to a property search
  • Case given up shortly after --> Machado's roommate took the blame so he "wouldn't be bothered anymore."

(Between 1/1/96 and 9/20/96)

  • Machado's older brother murdered in armed robbery prior to following incident;
  • Machado is doing poorly in school, getting pressure from family to uphold high expectations


(Friday, 10:54 am)

  • Machado sends hate Asians/threat email to about 59 UCI students
  • Machado sent message a second time shortly after, when he did not receive replies to the first email
  • incident brought to the attention of Assoc. Director of The Academic Computing Center, by her employees
  • Machado identified in computer lab, asked to leave by Core Services mgr.

9/21/96 (Saturday)

  • Director of OAC reads Machado’s email and decides that it is a police matter.



  • the incident is reported to University Police Department
  • An officer is assigned to the case


  • retrieval of surveillance video confirmed Machado as sender
  • Irvine City Police notified and involved in case


  • registrars office helps police locate Machado's address and phone number


  • an officer phones Machado's residence and leaves message
  • Machado calls back and agrees to meet with an officer that afternoon at 5pm
  • charges filed after meeting:

--Knowingly & Without Permission Uses Computer Services

--Telephone Calls w/ Intent to Annoy (?)


  • a stolen vehicle report is filed for Machado's second roommate's car
  • Machado had told one roommate he was borrowing his other roommate's car
  • Machado did not have permission to borrow car


  • FBI attempts investigation
  • an agent goes to Machado's residence, Machado is not there, and hadn't been seen there since 11/13
  • Machado allegedly left with Young's keys on 11/14
  • other suspicions: $80 missing from roommate's coin jar; $154 visa charges to roommate's card, $54 of which were unauthorized; calls on 11/10,11 and 12


  • FBI agent phones Machado's roommate for confirmation of stolen car/info on Machado's disappearance


  • roommate is interviewed


  • Tammy Machado (Machado's sister) interviewed and said Machado disappeared on day his brother called him to inquire about Machado’s name appearing in newspaper regarding Asian hate emails.
  • Machado denied the reports in the paper to his brother; claimed it to be someone else
  • Tammy is informed that court date is set for 11/25 and if Richard doesn’t show, would be warrant for arrest


  • Machado is arrested: was attempting to enter US from Mexico --caught by U.S. Immigration Inspector
  • Machado is reported as looking homeless, having no possessions, looking for construction work in Mexico


  • Machado is charged with 10 counts of inferring with a federally protected activity–in this case, students attending a university
  • Machado is told he will face up to 10 years if convicted


  • trial takes place, and on this date, a recess is granted when NEW information is uncovered/presented
  • questionnaires were revealed in which 9 of the students who got the messages said they were not overtly bothered by Machado’s email


  • jury deadlocked, 9 to 3 in favor of acquittal
  • Case said to have national importance by federal prosecutors, so a second trial was set for Jan. 27, 1998


  • RichardMachado is found guilty on 2 counts of civil rights violations
  • Took only 3 weeks of trial to reach verdict
  • Following conviction, Machado is released on a $10,000 bond from custody

but is turned over to Irvine police on impending auto theft charges

  • Sentencing is postponed until April 10, 1998
  • Possible maximum time Machado could serve would be 1 yr.
  • Machado has already spent 1 yr. in jail awaiting trials, etc.
  • Machado is recommended for anger & racial tolerance counseling, not allowed on UCI campus, no contact with victims.