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Computer Ethics Curricula

This website is based upon the evolution of a framework of computer curriculum and includes various curricula frameworks and learning objectives based on these frameworks.

Curriculum Overview provides brief history of the curriculum as well as a description of the various components .

ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriulum 1991 This is a short introduction to the full Computer Science curriculum 1991 recommended by the ACM and IEEE. It has links to the full curriculum and also links to curriculum 2001..

Impact Computer Science (ImpactCS) This is a short explanation of the curriculum for social and ethical issues in computing recommended by the 1994 Impact CS taskforce. This was a NSF funded group of experts in computer science, ethics, and social science brought together to recommend a curriculum in the area. The document contains links to the reports of the Task Force.

The specific Knowledge Units are the recommendation by the ImpactCS for the area of social and ethical issues in computing.