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Writing Rubrics for exercises

Chuck Huff

This is a short guide to writing rubrics for grading students performance on the exercises we present. You might think of a grading rubric as a specification for how a product will be graded. We do not provide grading rubrics for the exercises, since the contents of rubrics will vary quite widely depending upon how you use the exercise, the goals you have for your students, the level of the students, and myriad other things.

However, a related project, DOLCE does provide some examples of grading rubrics done by computer scientists teaching computer ethics. These examples are better than those we might give for a "generic" exercise on this site, since they are based on real goals with real students.

What follows is some advice about using grading rubrics. This is my personal approach to using rubrics, and reflects my values of preferring flexibility to constraint. Others will have different advice, and will claim that flexibility can produce unjust outcomes. If you do a search on "grading rubrics" in your favorite search engine, you will find more opinions than you want.

 Making your rubric

Using the Rubric to Grade

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